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  • Specification
    The paintball mask AMMO BJ58 was certified that it was in conformity with the essential requirements of CE and ASTM 1776
    Model AMMO BJ58
    Depth(cm) 21.5
    Width(cm) 22
    Height(cm) 25
    Weight(g) 385
    Material TPU
    Vision Angle 280°
    Lens surface cylindrical


Elastic Head Straps

The elastic head straps prevent the head gear from falling down during violent tactical paintball games. The length can be adjusted so as to keep the industrial masks in place properly.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens With Anti-Fog Treatment

The paintball head mask AMMO BJ58 provides 280° ultra wide angle lens with cylindrical surface and anti-fog coating. It is in conformity with all optical conditions. Compare with other normal lenses, this thermal lens offer a wider and clearer field of vision, minimizing the range of blind spot.

Neck Protector

The adjustable neck protector can be dismantled or assembled according to users, providing better face protection. It is safer, more practical and convenient in comparison with other masks without this part.

Removable Visor

Specially developed removable visor for paintball face mask. Players can decide whether to assemble it or not. It is practical and easy to use.

Rotary Removable Cylindrical Lens

Unique designed lens, it is easy to be removed and cleaned with a simple rotation.

Customized Ventilation Fan

During a violent paintball games, breathing usually blurs our vision. Even an anti-fog lens cannot make us feel comfortable in a sultry mask. The specially designed and patented ventilation fan can be installed inside the top of the safety goggles. It is not only capable of exhausting the mist between eyes and lens when wearing, but also remaining the lens clear and well-ventilated, making users feel comfortable.

EVA Waterproof Foam

The EVA waterproof foam is set along forehead, cheek and both sides of ears. It is anti-sweat absorbing, making users feel comfortable, also it is easier to clean after use.

Dual Cylindrical Lenses With Anti-fog Coating

This thermal lens consists of two wide angle lenses with anti-fog treatment and a special waterproof sponge, which is set along the edge of the lens. There is no water will be absorbed and lead to fog. Moreover, it is certainly in full compliance with all optical conditions, so there will be no refraction or deformation while wearing.

Chin buckle

The paintball mask BJ58 is equipped an adjustable chin buckle to ensure the paintball face mask in place during intense activities.

Storage Bag

A storage bag made of soft textile helps you carry paintball mask AMMO BJ58 everywhere.

Color Box

This color box prevents your paintball mask from being damaged by accident in the way of transport.

Customized Logo Available

We can customize the logo on the visor and the elastic straps.

CE Certified

The paintball mask AMMO BJ58 was certified that it was in conformity with the essential requirements of personal protective Equipments CE 89/686/EEC.

ASTM Certified

The paintball mask AMMO BJ58 was assessed and determined to Meet the Applicable requirements of ASTM F1776