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AMMO-Replacement Lens

  • Specification
    Item Replacement Lans
    Length(cm) 8.5
    Width(cm) 18.5
    Height(cm) 9
    Weight(g) 60-75
    Material Impact resistant pc


Ultra Wide Angle Lens

We provides replacement lens angle from 200° to 280° with spherical or cylindrical surface and anti-fog coating. Our replacement lenses offer a wider and clearer field of vision, minimizing the range of blind spot, also are in full conformity with all optical conditions. There will be no refraction or deformation while wearing. option : Single Lens and Dual Lenes.

Dual Spherical Lenses With Antifog Coating

Our dual lenses consist of two wide angle lenses with antifog treatment and a special waterproof sponge, which is set along the edge of the lens. There is no water will be absorbed and lead to fog. Single Lens is available as well.